Circle Consortium

 CIRCLE is a new consortium for the ‘traditional industry’ sector, established with the support of the Israel Innovation Authority (formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economics).  This consortium is part of the MAGNET program of the Innovation Authority’s Technology  Infrastructure Division.  Within the program, industry and academia cooperate for a  period of three years on the development of generic technologies to promote innovation for a specific industry segment in Israel.

CIRCLE aims to find solutions to two problems that present a significant challenge in the field of plastics recycling:

  1. Methods to treat industrial waste comprised of multi-layer plastic films – which at present are very difficult to recycle due to their heterogeneous composition.
  2. Methods to increase the amount of recycled material in plastic products while maintaining / improving the quality of the final product.


The consortium will develop a range of scientific-chemical technologies with the aim of improving these two issues. As a result, plastic recycling processes will yield higher quality products and become more efficient.

The consortium members include several manufacturers of plastic products and films, as well as raw material producers and companies with unique technologies for various plastics additives.  The industry members in the consortium are Keter Plastic, Avgol Nonwovens, Plastopil, Plasto-Sac, Tosaf Compounds, Shahaf Alon Tavor, Carmel Olefins of the Bazan Group, Netafim, Shalag, Tama Plastic Industry, Palram and Tyrec.

The research cooperation will be conducted with leading academic members from the Technion, Shenkar College, Volcani Institute and Kinneret College. The “Tamir” Israeli packaging corporation and “Mapal Plastics” have the observer status within the  consortium

The results of the research are targeted for use within the participating industries, which in turn are expected to apply the new technologies to create products with improved recycling capability and that meet stringent regulatory standards anticipated in the coming years in international markets.  The consortium will operate in the years 2019-2022.

Please contact:

Galia Taler

Technical Manager

Circle Consortium

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